Nose Blindness

Ever bought a candle or wax melt and been disappointed because the smell fades after a few hours? There is a good chance it wasn't the fault of the candle or melt but as a result of you becoming nose blind. Nose blindness is a real thing!

What is Nose Blindness?
When you first experience a fragrance it can be quite intense. As you inhale your brain tries to identify the odour to decide what to do about it. If your brain decides the scent is not a threat it decides there is no need to pay close attention to it.

Usually after being around a fragrance for around 4-6 hours your brain stops paying attention to it completely and you become nose blind, no longer able to make out the scent at all. It's usually at this point that you aim the blame at your candle or wax melt!

Things you can do to reduce nose blindness

  • To overcome being nose blind it is recommended that you only light scented candles for 3-4 hours at a time, or only use wax tart melts for this amount of time.

  • Go into the kitchen and take a large sniff from your coffee jar. This will "reset" your nose and you should be able to detect the previous fragrance again for a short period of time.

  • Don't use the same fragrance all the time. Not using the same fragrance all the time will help you to not become accustomed to a particular scent. We have had instances where a customer has a favourite fragrance they always use and asked if we are making them weaker than we used to? The answer is no, we always make them the same strength, the reason they think it is weaker is actually because they are becoming accustomed to the smell and their brain is paying it less and less attention as it recognises it isn't a threat.

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