Candles for TV, Film and Movies - Double Wick Candles

We are specialists in multi wicked candles for use in TV and Film production.

Double Wicked Candles For TV, FIlm, Movie, Theatre and Stage, Straight Shooter Netflix, Great Expectations BBC

Our candles have already been used in several productions, including Sky TV's "A Discovery of Witches" and ITV's "The Only Way Is Essex". We recently supplied a large number of double wick candles (over 1500 candles) for a major new Netflix TV series in production right now (March 22) and a large number of triple wicked candles for a BBC TV series in production right now (April 22).

Double wicked candles burn with a much larger and brighter flame than normal candles, making them perfect for filming.

Our multi wick film and television candles are unscented and available in a variety of colours and sizes including, but not limited to: white, ivory, beeswax colour and black. We can supply in most colours, excluding metallic and neon colours.

We are able to colour match your existing candles if required.

All of our candles are a solid colour right the way through the candle.

Please note we do not carry a large stock of these candles but make to order so delivery timescales will be based on the quantity and sizes required. As an example: we produced and delivered 1400 candles (size 6cm x 19cm) within 10 working days of receiving the order confirmation.

candles for movies, tv, film, theatre and stage

We can supply multi wicked candles in the following sizes:

Round Pillar/Church Candles:

Diameter 10 cm (~4 inches)
(1) Height up to 33 cm (~13 inches)

Diameter 7½ cm (~ 3 inches)
(2) Height: 15 cm (~ 6 inches)
(3) Height: 23 cm (~ 9 inches)

Diameter 6 cm (~ 2 ⅜ inches)
(4) Height 14 cm (~ 5 ½ inches)
(5) Height: 19 cm (~ 7 ½ inches)

Diameter 4.8 cm (1 ⅞ inches)
(6) Height 8 cm (~ 3 ⅛ inches)
(7) Height 15 cm (~ 6 inches)
(8) Height 19 cm (~ 7 ½ inches)

Diameter 5 cm (2 inches)
(9) Height 30 cm (~ 12 inches)

Recently Added - Diameter 4.4 cm (~ 1 ¾ inch)
Height 30 cm (~ 12 inches)

Recently Added - Diameter 2.6 cm (~ 1 inch)
Height 30 cm (~ 12 inches)
Votive Candles:

Height: 5cm (2 inches), Top Diameter: 4.5cm (1 3/4 inches), Bottom Diameter: 4cm (1.5 inches)
(These are designed to be used in a votive glass - not supplied)

If you require a size not shown please ask as we may be able to accommodate, dependant upon your timescales.


Beeswax candle with a large flame - for tv and movie/film production

Although more expensive than our double wicked candles we are also able to provide multi wicked beeswax candles where our normal paraffin/soy mix double wicked candles are not suitable.

Our specialist beeswax candles can also be made with a single wick which produces a flame comparable with double wicked candles.



Please contact us with your requirements and to order.


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